What is garbage for some, is a pile of gold to others

What is garbage for some, is a pile of gold to others

The Colombian Juan Nicolas Suarez and his talented team at Diseclar innovated with a manufacturing process that turns non-degradable plastics and vegetable fibers from agro-industrial waste sites into incredible stylish furniture.

The good looking products are resistant to moisture, rot, insects and UV rays, look and feel like solid wood and can therefore be used in and outdoors. And most importantly, they are better for the environment than traditionally produced furniture.

In their first year of operation Diseclar recycled 300,000 kg of plastic waste and 192,000 kg of agro-industrial waste, preventing the production of over 17,000 tons of CO2. Their products also contributed to save more than 2,000 trees in that same year by reducing deforestation for furniture manufacturing.

But the advantages are not limited to reduction of waste and preservation of forests, they also reduce 85% of the energy expelled during their production, thanks to their innovative production process, saving more than 120,750 tons of oil, and beside all, Suarez and Diseclar are vigorously enthusiastic aiming to create 300 indirect jobs for recyclers, as well as coffee farmers across Colombia to buy their agro-industrial waste. This project contributes to social innovation in Colombia giving better opportunities to recyclers, workers, farmers and recent graduates.

Fuente: http://www.nudgesustainabilityhub.com